In The Beginning…

Well, I took the dive into the world of blogging. I am a native Vermonter who has sadly moved to the New York City area for a job. Being there has made me realize how much I truly miss my home area. I am still young at only 25 and decided to create this blog to share my travels and adventures in and around New York and New England.

Today began the first adventure. Back home visiting my parents I decided to walk from my town center up to my house about 3 miles away and up maybe 1,000 feet in elevation change. It is always a great little walk for me and when I was in high school I used to run from my house to the middle of town.

I took a few photos along the way with my new Nikon D3200 camera. Hoping I can learn how to use it better as time passes. As you can tell I don’t like to use the name for the ski resort; being a native I will stick with calling it its true name, Ludlow Mountain.

Tomorrow I am gonna reach the summit and head up into the fire tower for some great photos of the valley and the surrounding area. I hear it will be a great weekend so my chances for getting wicked nice photos will be almost guaranteed.

-Wandering Vermonter-

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