Great Morning of Fishing

Well, I had only a few hours left before I was to return back to New York for work. I decided on Sunday to head out fishing in the morning in my town. I ventured to a relatively unknown fishing spot among the younger crowd. My father told me about this place and he hadn’t been in over 5 years so I though, “what the heck.”

Honestly I started out a little too late in the morning to fish. Didn’t arrive to the spot until maybe 8am and know I would be battling time and the sun to get some good action. There were signs where Hurricane Irene made its way through the area. It looked calm now but I bet things were much different a few years ago.


I began with worms on the bed of the pond. Nothing after the first few casts but I kept with it and also moved around the perimeter of the pond to see if I would gain any luck. 20 minutes in I finally had some action and reeled in the first brook trout of the morning. In all there would be six caught over the next hour or so with three coming off worms on the bottom and three on a lure.

All of the fish were between 9 and 12 inches or so as shown in the photo. Three males and three females after they were cleaned and stored in the freezer for a future meal. I would have cooked them up but had to rush out of the state so no eattin’ for me.

Now that I am back in New York my posts will shift a little. A hike up Bear Mountain a few minutes north of here along with some local fishing here is planned. May even head out with a co-worker on the ocean for some deep sea fishing, a first for me.

-Wandering Vermonter-

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