It Has Been Too Long, So I Bring Gold

Honestly with my full time job picking up steam this fall I have found that I have very little time to post. So I bit the bullet and since I am feeling sick today anyway I decided to finally add some new content.

Back a few weeks ago I was in Vermont for the last time visiting my parents. I knew I would not be able to return until maybe Thanksgiving.  On my last day I decided to try some gold panning in my nearby brook.

My dad had taught me some of the basics but the only way to really learn how to do it is to just jump in feet first. And so I did! I wandered down the brook and found a location where I thought to try.

A tip that my dad told me is to look in the moss on top of rock or in the crevices. That is were flakes of gold can be found as it gets caught inside the moss.

What a great tip!! Four straight pans had flakes of gold. I was onto something. I marked the location on my GPS app and moved on. I will be back with a shovel and better equipment to dig instead of just a spoon.

Here is what to look for when gold panning.
Here is what to look for when gold panning.

I now have gold fever!! This will be a new activity to learn more about and I hope to return in the fall for one last chance to pan. If not then I will be back in the spring.

Hand panning for gold is a great way to get some fresh air and before you know it the time flies by. I could not believe how fast 5 hours went by. Before I knew it I had to leave, traveling back to New York with all the others leaving behind my home for the next 3 months.

Now that I am back in New York for work I will shift my focus onto some potential fishing or maybe explore the area and see what there is to offer.

-Wandering Vermonter-


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