Fall is Here

It is already Fall…where did the summer go? Just when I am getting into fishing, gold panning, hiking, and camping it seems too soon for it to end for the year. But with the end of a great summer comes the excitement of Fall.

I already accomplished the goal of hitting up the Vermont State Fair for the 20th-something time in my life (Now you have an idea how old I am). Such a great annual event for me that brings back memories and to watch some cars smash into each other.  But there was also the agriculture, the food, and the fried dough!! The only time all year I can ever eat it.

2014 Vt. State Fair Demolition Derby
2014 Vt. State Fair Demolition Derby

One of the things I love about fall in Vermont is the leaves changing colors. Sadly I now live and work in New York, like New York City area New York, and not “Upstate” New York where I may be able to manage a little better. No leaves here to watch change. I mean yes the leaves do change here but they die an unpleasant death with no bright colors for others to enjoy.

So, it’s Fall and I am in New York. How the heck will I enjoy it? It won’t be until late November when I can return home for the last weekend of Deer Hunting Season. Actually the following few days after will be funny as I go back to New York to work three days and return back home for the Thanksgiving Weekend. Can’t I just stay in Vermont the entire week to save on gas? Lol.

Well with this weekend being the first weekend of Fall, I need to make the most of it. Working Saturday will be rough but Sunday is wide open for me to enjoy. Maybe I will fish one last time without a jacket or drive up North to find a place to hike. After the weekend it’s back to work and dreaming of a life back in Vermont…

-Wandering Vermonter-


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