Deer Season Adventure this Weekend

Well, I now have a break in my work to get back to my roots this weekend. It is now the middle of deer season back in Vermont so I will travel home to partake in a weekend in the outdoors.

I am hoping to get photos of my adventures as well as some stories out in the woods. Joining me is my family along with some close family friends to the camp shown here. With temperatures expected to be approaching single digits this will be a great time for me to test some new gear I got; specifically my new ECWCS base layers which will be a great test out in the woods while waiting for the deer (hopefully).

The Camp.
The Camp. (The satellite dish is there for show)

Funny thing about the trip is that I will be in Vermont until Sunday, drive back to New York for work, then back to Vermont on Wednesday for Thanksgiving. I really should not complain as I will have two opportunities in consecutive weekends to get back to the great outdoors. Only wish it was longer of a visit.

Going into the camp is always a great reminder of my childhood spent building it. It also is a reminder of a simpler life with no electricity, no running water, nothing “modern”. Really helps to make you appreciate the luxuries in life we all have now. But it also makes me wish life was not as complicated as it is now.

Either way I will make sure to enjoy the much needed time away from the city. Hopefully Monday evening there will be lots to share.

-Wandering Vermonter-

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