Nothing Like Deer Season in Vermont

Well, as promised I am back from my deer hunting adventure in Vermont over the weekend. It was very relaxing to get away from the busy city and my work life for a couple days and get back to my roots.

Friday afternoon I arrived to the camp. The last time anyone was there to spend the night was back in August. Knowing the night would bring temperatures approaching 10 degrees I cranked the Vigilant wood stove and made sure to have plenty of firewood for the weekend. The camp was nice and warm all weekend and that night I went outside in only my ECWCS layers and stood under the stars for 15 minutes. First time seeing the stars since the summer and, believe it or not, I was not cold at all.

The Brook that Divides the Hills.
The Brook that Divides the Hills.

Saturday brought a day full of scouting and tracking deer tracks. I went down to the small brook that divides the two hillsides, a place filled with memories. Here, 15 years ago, I begun to create a dam to build a swimming hole. All signs of it were gone after the destruction of Hurricane Irene in 2011 and it look like a new brook to me.

In the evening on Saturday we all went out on the hunt before sunset. Following tracks from earlier and stumbling upon new tracks led my dad and I to a location on top of a ridge. While my dad took a nap (as usual) I kept a look out for any signs of movement as freezing rain begun an hour before sunset. Nothing would come our way as we would have to settle with a walk back to camp with nothing to show for.

The night would not be a waste as we fired up the grill, played cards, told stories, and had a great time in the middle of nowhere. It all seemed to be cut too short as waking up the next morning would mean the end to the trip.

An abandoned outhouse in the woods - No I did not use it.
An abandoned outhouse in the woods – No I did not use it.

Sunday we all worked to clean the camp and head out. I did have a small taste of civilization as I watched the first half of the Patriots game, knowing they would easily win, so I began my long trip back to New York.

More adventures await me on Wednesday as I will be traveling back to Vermont after work, in the snowstorm, with bald tires on the car for Thanksgiving with my family. No plans yet but I will be sure to make the most of it even if I have to sled down the driveway off jumps into the swamp.

-Wandering Vermonter-

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