Mid December Check In

Well, I finally have a full weekend off from my job and thought I would post something to keep updated. I went back to Vermont for Thanksgiving weekend while that snowstorm hit the area. I loved it!! Currently I am sitting here looking outside in New York and there is no snow (still) here. When I was in Vermont it was great to go outside and see it covered with the white stuff. The first real snowfall for me always was a great memory as I could go outside to sled, snowmobile, ski, anything to celebrate the new season.

Snow at my parent’s house on Thanksgiving Day 2014

Since I was there I did go out to experience my first real snow storm of the year. I took my dad’s snow shoes out for the first time and went into the woods for a hike on a brisk 20° day. Honestly it was the first time in my life that I snowshoed and I enjoyed it!! Buying snowshoes may be a purchase for myself in the near future. Having them with me or even in my car may come in handy one day.

During my adventure I did see many tracks from the deer that hang out nearby. Crossing a stone wall that divides the property I also came across this spider which I have included. It had to have been at least the size of a half dollar. I am no good when it comes to arthropods so maybe someone smarter can figure out what type it is. To me it just looked like a black widow maybe but neither one of us bothered one-another.

Spider found on my snowshoe adventure
Spider found on my snowshoe adventure

All in all there was not too much excitement. I was really hoping I could see some deer or moose but nothing was found.  I did find a flat area in the woods that I may go back to. I am thinking of trying to camp out in the woods one night this winter and see how well my tent, sleeping bag, and the rest of the gear holds up in the cold. Would be a great experiment and some good practice out in the woods to keep my skills fine-tuned.

Currently I am unsure I will be able to make it back to Vermont for Christmas so I may have to improvise here in New York. Just know I have a couple weeks off from work and need something to do outside.

-Wandering Vermonter-

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