Dead of Winter

Well it is already approaching the dead of winter. Thank God I made it half way!! Not only is my work life rolling along steadily but the lack of “wandering” for me honestly sucks. At times like this with a busy work schedule and not living back in the woods I can only do one thing: plan.

As of right now I do have a few things up my sleeves that I think it is a good time for me to share. For around father’s day I will be camping in Vermont. Since it is right before all the kids leave school I should not have too many flatlanders to deal with. Two weeks is the current goal to camp out by a large pond and to go with it I will, of course, need a new toy.

After doing some research and counting my pennies (pennies? really? I should have been alive in the 60’s the way I talk/act at times) looks like I will buy a NuCanoe Frontier 10. This hybrid kayak is wicked cool!! Not only can I get out into the water to fish (something I have not been able to do) but also there are so many accessories and options to customize it any way I want or even improvise and design add-on’s myself.

The next "toy" - image courtesy of NuCanoe
The next “toy” – image courtesy of NuCanoe

There is a dealer in the New York area that is getting a shipment in on February 15th. The plan is to go and check them out in-person, pick which color I want, and get it ordered. Hardest part will be to see if the dealer can have it shipped to Vermont for me to pick up when I go home. Don’t think the kayak will get much use here in the city. After the purchase I will count down the days until I get to use it, hopefully by the middle of May.

Additionally, I have planned to hike portions of the Long Trail this summer. A goal is to one day complete a through hike on the Long Trail but until then I will check out portions of it in day hikes or overnight hikes. I know the ultimate goal for many hikers is to complete the Appalachian Trail but while I have bills and a job that I can’t leave, that dream may never happen.

Well I know that it is all plans and actions speak louder then words, but doing all that I listed will happen in 2015. My next update should come around the middle of March after I venture into a hunting camp for my yearly visit to one of my family friends place. Three days and two nights await me and I am hoping for sub zero temperatures to test a newly acquired sleeping bag. Plenty of photos and stories to come when I return or more insight to my spring/summer plans if I make more in the upcoming weeks.

-Wandering Vermonter-

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