To Vermont and Camp I Go

Still can’t believe winter is still around. Even in New York there is quite a lot of snow then they normally get. That means back home in Vermont there is much more snow and this weekend I will be going home to clean off the roof of one of the camps I frequent. I was told today there is four feet of snow of the roof of a particular camp and the weight is getting to be too much to prevent a collapse.

The woods is where I belong.
The woods is where I belong.

So on Friday I will be leaving the city to go back home and straight to the camp. Weather should be clear but around -5* F during the first night which means I need to get there quickly. Not only do I have a hike in the snow (the joy of not having a truck) but have to clean off the roof before stepping foot inside the camp. With it being unsafe I will not take the chance of entering the building until the snow is at least cleared off in the immediate area I will go into.

Since I am the lightest of everyone going it will be up to me to shovel the roof Friday evening. Not only do I live the farthest (four hour drive compared to everyone else living in Vermont near the camp) but they will all be waiting on me to get on the roof to shovel Friday.

I will be excited to get away with this short break in my work schedule for the winter. Peace and quiet on my walk into the camp and then good times with familiar faces. Too bad it will only be for 36 hours and then the long drive back to New York for work Monday morning.

Hoping for stories and pictures to get me through the last stretch of winter. Then it’s a summer of adventuring, hiking, camping, and the unknown.

-Wandering Vermonter-

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