Where Did the Time Go?

Has it really been a month since my last post and also my trip back to Vermont? I really wanted to get posting here about my adventure and between work and personal things, I never did get around to posting. Let’s hope that the month of April will be my last busy month then I can really dive deep into posting and sharing what I come across.

Enough of the future, onto the trip from the end of February. I left New York early Friday morning of the 27th. I wanted to surprise everyone and get into the camp before they all left work from their half day of work. I pulled into the parking area for my car (yes I have a car and not a truck, hoping that will change soon) and surprised the heck outta my brother and one of our family friends. It doesn’t help when I have crappy New York plates on the car but I decided to have some fun and box them in as I took my time unloading my pack and stretched my legs after a 4 hour drive. After the fun I parked the car and refused the ride in, I walked. Had to have been maybe 20 degrees out and some wind blowing too but I walked to enjoy the peace of the howling wind and silence of the deep woods.

The remainder of the day was spent trying to clear snow from the camp and also get a fire going inside. I do miss the smell of wood burning each day, something I grew up with as my primary heat source. That night it got down to -15 with the wind chill around -25 and thank God for the fire and more importantly my gear. My Suisse Sport Adventurer Mummy Ultra-Compactable Sleeping Bag is rated down to 30 above but that along with my E.C.W.C.S. Polar base layers kept me warm all night long, never waking once. The sleeping bag is definitely not a four-season bag and I may have to look for a winter specific bag if I do get the time to backpack in the winter next year.

Oh How I Have Missed the Warmth of a Wood Fire...
Oh How I Have Missed the Warmth of a Wood Fire…

A “toy” that I just got and wanted to try out was my AT&T Mobile Hotspot during the trip. With my job I do have to work unconventional hours and needed to find a way to stay connected if I do plan on going away a lot this summer. The camp was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by thick forest and I was amazed to get 4G LTE service! I was able to get my work done when needed and that took a lot of stress off of me. For data only at $20 and prepaid so I am not locked in a contract, this will be perfect for me and quite confident it will work anywhere in Vermont this summer.

One reason to get away was to have some fun and bring back childhood memories of weekends outside in the winter. There were many firearms that we all got to shoot towards targets, everyone sharing and checking out each other’s guns. My favorite one I shot had to of been one of my dad’s friends Colt .44. Just the power and the history behind that firearm really had me connecting to the past and a life different from what I now have in New York. Additionally, my brother, myself, and a friend all took wheelbarrow beds and raced down an icy logging road, no rules! I am still amazed no one got hurt even after I shoved my friend into a snowbank where he stopped in an instant.

What is Better Then Looking Outside and Knowing No One is There?
What is Better Then Looking Outside and Knowing No One is There?

Sunday came too quick and I had no choice but to pack up and leave by 7 a.m. A snowstorm was moving into the Northeast and if I was going to make it back to work in time for Monday and not get stranded or into a bad situation, I had to leave. I left the camp, walking back out as I came in less than 48 hours before and rushed to my parent’s house to catch my mom for a 15 minute chat before she had to go to work. On my way back I hit the storm at the Vermont and Massachusetts boarder.

The adventure that weekend was over but the journey in 2015 is only beginning.

-Wandering Vermonter-

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