Goodbye Busy Work, Hello Outdoors!!

Wow, already May! Time for my work to slow down and the beginning of new adventures this spring and summer! Today was Monday, right? The first easy work day in many many weeks. My spring allergies are acting up wicked bad so I know its time for me to get outside and find new things.

Finding a perfect fishing hole would make my day deep in the woods.

I begun with a rigorous workout that I will continue each day from here on out. This will prepare me for my hiking trips I plan on doing. I will begin with a couple day hikes here and there and one overnighter in Maine for Memorial Day weekend. Following this I will attempt a three day and two night trip on the Appalachian Trail down her in New York.

There is a stop on the Metro North that goes to “Appalachian Trail” station and from here I will walk south towards Bear Mountain and the Hudson River. I have never been to this area and unsure if I will go at it alone and look up some people who may be interested on that Meetup site. Still not sure of the definite plans or the dates but at least I can prepare right now.

I feel like there is so much I want to accomplish this summer but don’t want to over do it. Starting slow is my goal with weekend treks and hopefully in the late summer I can conclude it all with a week-long trek someplace. It may not be in the Northeast but I have begun saving money for each trip.

Can I walk straight and not look back for maybe a week?

Capturing photos will be a primary goal but being a light backpacker I may have to leave the Nikon behind and opt with the Galaxy S4. With the solar panel I should have no problems keeping it charged and hope I will have room for the WiFi device I tried out a couple months back in Vermont.

But, first thing first. Spending all this week running and working out to build up strength and stamina. Sunday might be a day of fishing to enjoy the outdoors and get acclimated to this nasty pollen season for me. Either way now that I have time, I should be able to update the blog every week and force myself to get out despite the allergy season.

-Wandering Vermonter-


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