Hello From San Antonio, Texas

Well, here is a twist. I am in San Antonio, Texas for business. This is my first time here in this city after arriving late in the night on Wednesday. I will be here until Saturday late afternoon and hoping I will have some time to check out what is around here. There will not be any hiking adventures, but I am nearby their famous River Walk so I may have to wander along the entire thing to see what there is to offer.

When I left New York (after a 1.5 hour delay sitting on the plane at the gate) I heard there was the first snowfall in my area. Dang, too bad I missed it! I do miss snow and wanted to snowshoe this winter. That still may not happen at the rate the temperatures have been in the area.

Here in San Antonio it is in the mid 60’s and by tomorrow (Friday) it may be in the 70’s. It would be so nice to hike somewhere, but no gear and no transportation make it a little difficult.

Well, we will see if I can find anything to do here. If not then I will have to figure out something back in New York. Just need Spring to get here so I can work less and enjoy the great outdoors.

-Wandering Vermonter-


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